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What makes a good NBA player? (part 2: rookie combines)

Hi again!

In part 2 of this series on what makes a good NBA player, I looked at which combine statistics like max vertical leap, lane agility, and bench press in combination with physical attributes like height, wingspan, hand size, etc. correlate most with rookie success in their first year, as evaluated by advanced metrics like offensive/defensive rating, assist %, rebound %, player impact estimate (PIE), etc. You can find a jupyter notebook with all of these Pearson's correlation coefficients at: github link. Feel free to play around with it to see if you can find any interesting correlations!

Big takeaways:

1. Jumping ability =/= rebounding ability: Conventional wisdom suggests that good jumpers are probably good at getting rebounds. However, I found that max vertical leap has a significantly negative correlation with rebound %, for both offensive and defensive rebounds. In reality, it's the guards that have the best jumping ability in terms of max vertical leap, which has…